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What is a Trojan Virus?


Trojans are hidden programs commonly downloaded to your computer without your knowledge or consent, and are designed to give control of your computer to a hacker or to gather information about you as you use your computer.

They can record your key strokes with the aim of capturing any of your online user IDs, passwords and other sensitive details.  They can also divert you to fake banking websites in an attempt to capture your user ID and passwords.  The captured details can then be passed on to the hacker.  They can also access or delete files stored on your computer and even view what is on your screen.

If you are using anti-virus software, this should detect and destroy any Trojan that may be downloaded on your computer but for this to be effective, you must keep the software up to date.  There are a number of specialist software programs that claim to detect and remove Trojans.  See the manufacturers' websites for further details.

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