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Can I use tab button to browse the site?


Our website is primarily navigated via a menu, which is present on every page immediately after the page header. Each menu item (except the first, a link to the homepage) has a submenu that is a set of links to deeper within the site. Individual links may be followed by additional descriptive text and are grouped together under headings.

When the cursor focus is on a top-level menu item, pressing the ‘Tab' key will move the focus to the first link in that menu item's submenu. You can also use the key combination ‘Shift + Cursor Left/Right' to move directly to adjacent top-level menu items.

All input forms and pages on the site also support keyboard navigation, with Tab being the primary method of moving from one item to the next.

Dealing - tabbing through the Deal form follows a natural progression of decisions from, for example, finding a stock, opting to buy or sell, selecting a type of order and finally entering an amount of pounds or shares to trade. Each step includes a link to further help.

To select a stock, fund or structured product, type a stock symbol or name and a filtered list of stocks that match your input will appear. Navigate this list using the ‘Up/Down' cursor keys, and press the ‘Tab' or ‘Enter' key to select that entry.

Similarly, to enter an expiry date for a limit, stop or trailing stop order, an interactive calendar is presented to select a valid date. The calendar opens to the last selected date (if one exists), or to the current date. You can navigate to adjacent dates by pressing the ‘Control' key and using the cursor keys. Use the ‘Enter' key to select a date. It is not possible to type in a date directly, the calendar must be used.

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