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When I log into the website I just get a white screen and/or my browser 'hangs', how can I fix this?


This could mean a number of things, but most commonly will be caused by an 'Add-on' or 'Toolbar' such as Norton or AVG. We have also found that uninstalling Adobe Flash player can resolve this. You should also ensure you clear your temporary internet files.

Instructions on how to clear temporary internet files can be found here.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, you can try launching your browser with no add-ons.

To do this:

Internet Explorer:

  1. From the start menu go to ‘All Programs'
  2. Select ‘Accessories'
  3. Then select ‘System Tools'
  4. Launch ‘Internet Explorer (no add-ons)'
  5. Try logging into the site as normal


  1. From the start menu go to ‘All Programs'
  2. Select ‘Mozilla Firefox'
  3. Select Firefox (Safe Mode)
  4. Leave all boxes un-checked and press ‘Continue in Safe Mode'

If you can now log in, the issue may be being caused by an add-on or tool bar. You may need to disable them one at at a time until the issue is resolved.

You can do this in Internet Explorer 8 by selecting Tools > Manage Add-Ons. You can now disable each one individually.

In Firefox 3.5 or higher you also select Tools > then 'Add-Ons' however you should now select 'Plugins' and disable each one checking if this resoves the issue.

To uninstall Flash player

To uninstall flash player please follow the steps on this website:

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