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Barclays uses cookies on this website. They help us to know a little bit about how you use our website, which improves the browsing experience– both for you and for others. They are stored locally on your computer or mobile device. To accept cookies, continue to use the website. Alternatively, go to the cookies policy for more information on how to disable cookies.


How do I enable cookies?


To allow cookies from our website please follow the steps below:

Internet Explorer

1. Go to the ‘Tools' menu in Internet Explorer
2. Select ‘Internet Options'
3. In the new window go to the ‘Privacy' tab
4. Now select ‘Sites'
5. In the window that opens type in the text box ‘'
6. Select ‘Allow' then ‘OK'

Google Chrome

1. Go to ‘Tools' (Spanner icon in the top right hand corner of the screen)
2. Select ‘Settings'
3. Select ‘Show advanced settings' at the bottom of the screen
4. Select ‘Content Settings'
5. Select ‘Manage Exceptions' under Cookies
6. Type in and select ‘Allow'
7. Now close all options windows


1. Select ‘Tools', then ‘Options'
2. Under the Option dialog box select the ‘Privacy' tab
3. Set ‘Firefox will': to ‘Use custom settings for history'
4. Select the ‘Exceptions' button and add in the address and select ‘Allow'.
5. Now select ‘Close' and then ‘OK' to close the Options window


1. Within Safari click on the Cog icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and select "preferences" (Or select the "safari" button in the top left hand corner of the screen if you are using a Mac)
2. Go to the Privacy tab
3. Next to Block Cookies select "Never"
4. Close the Preferences window and restart Safari

You can find our full cookie policy here -


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