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What is the settlement period?


The Settlement Period is the length of time between trade date and the settlement date. This time is given to the parties involved (the Stockmarket and the Broker, in this instance Barclays Stockbrokers) to complete the transaction administration and payment.

For most nominee trades money will be credited to your trading account (sales) or taken from your bank account (purchases) within 2 working days from the date you placed your trade. This is referred to as T+2 settlement. For example, if you deal in your MarketMaster®, Investment ISA or SIPP account on Monday, settlement will be on Wednesday; if you deal on Thursday, settlement will be on Monday and so on.

For certificated trades through Barclays Stockbrokers the standard settlement period is T+10 or 10 working days from the date of your trade. This is to allow time for Certificates to be sent to/from the relevant purchaser/seller)

Did you know that you can buy or sell in the same day?

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