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How do I complete a W8-BEN form?


You would need to complete a W8-Ben form prior to purchasing US stock for the first time.

Complete the following sections only:

Part I
Line 1: Enter your full name here if an individual, or the full name of the investment club.
Line 3: Tick the one box only, either "individual" for individual accounts or "partnership" for investment club accounts.
Line 4: Enter your permanent residence, i.e. your tax address. Do not enter the name of a financial institution, a post office box or an address used solely for mailing purposes.
Line 7: Enter your National Insurance number here.
Line 8: Enter your Barclays Stockbrokers account number here.

Part II
Line 9a: Enter your country of residency for tax purposes here, i.e. United Kingdom.
Line 9c: Tick this box if an investment club only.

Part IV
If you hold an individual account, sign and date the form yourself, leaving "Capacity in which acting" blank. If you are an investment club, the lead investor should sign and date the form, noting "Lead Investor" in "Capacity in which acting".

You can also view our example W8-BEN form 

If you make a mistake when completing a W8-BEN form, t then it will be classed as invalid and you would need to complete a new form.

Please send your completed form to:

Direct Portfolio Maintenance
120 Bothwell St
G2 7JT

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