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How can I apply Power of Attorney to an account?


Firstly to apply for a Power of Attorney you can obtain the appropriate forms online:

If the grantor is based in England / Wales please visit the Justice Goverment website

If the grantor is based in Scotland please visit the Public Guardian - Scotland website.

When applying for Power of Attorney (POA) on a clients account the POA is required to provide either the original document (Lasting POA, Enduring POA and General POA are all acceptable) or an original certified copy. Original certified copies can be certified by -

The following individuals can certify documents:

Barclays employees (Please note they must supply their name, staff number, branch stamp and contact details), a manager or director of a credit or financial institution (Please note they must supply their name, staff number, branch stamp and contact details), a qualified Lawyer or Solicitor, a qualified accountant or an independent financial adviser

And must be certified in the following way -

Certified copies must be stamped, dated and signed, and confirm that the person providing certification has seen the original document and that it is a true copy. Contact details of the person who certified the documentation must also be supplied. This should include an email address, contact telephone number and website address (Please note that we can only accept certified copies where the certification is in its original format).

As the attorney will be acting on behalf of the client we are required to carry out Client Due Diligence checks. As a result of this we require the attorney to provide their full name, residential address (previous address if at current residence for less then 3 years), date of birth, nationality and country or residence. On the occasion where the attorneys fail these checks we will write out advising of this and request that identity and address verification is provided.

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