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How do I close my account if I have Nil value stock?


We are sorry you are considering leaving us and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with you. Please feel free to call us on 0800 279 6551 / 0141 352 3909.

If you have decided to close your account, you can do this by completing the Transfer Instruction Form and sending this to us. Please read the attached guide to help you to complete this form and detail what you want to do with all the assets on your account, and ensure it is signed by all named account holders. The form should then be sent to the Transfers Department at:

Barclays Stockbrokers
Tay House
300 Bath Street
G2 4LH

Alternatively, if you simply want to sell stock and / or take cash from your account, you can do this using the above form or by calling us on 0800 279 6551 / 0141 352 3909.

Stock can only be moved to our nil value house account if you are fully closing your account and a certificate cannot be produced for the stock.  The stock must be non transferrable.

Please call 0800 279 6551 / 0141 352 3909 if you wish to place stock into our nil value house.

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