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How can I merge my accounts together?


Instructions can ONLY be accepted where the request to amalgamate accounts are on like for like basis for the same client - eg ISA - ISA, MarketMaster - MarketMaster.

Amalgamations may also be processed when a request has been made that all stock be transferred from the account to that of a joint account where the sole account holder is a party of the joint account or vice versa (joint to sole). This will result in the closure of the transferring from account and may only be done when the client has stated they wish to close. To request this, the completion of a third party transfer form and closure instruction is required.

The amalgamation may only be processed when no deals have been placed or settle on the day of the transfer. All limit orders that are in place will also have to be removed before the amalgamation may be processed.

The amalgamation will show as being complete the day after being processed.

• If your Fees Bank details are set up externally then a closing statement will be produced and sent the following working day, the pro-rata admin fee will be charged to your external bank account.
• If your Fees bank details are set up to be taken internally then the closing statement will be issued 3 weeks after the transfer date once the pro - rata admin fee has been charged.

To request this please send to our address as noted below. Please note your account numbers on your request and sign as confirmation.

Portfolio Maintenance Department
Barclays Stockbrokers
Tay House
300 Bath Street
G2 4LH

Alternatively you can call us by telephone on 0800 279 6551 / 0141 352 3909.

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