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Can I transfer stock to another account?


Stock transfers are no longer restricted to being made between spouse accounts (i.e husband to wife and vice versa).

When transferring stock between accounts a completed 3rd party transfer form must be completed if both accounts are not in the sole name of the same person.

The 3rd party transfer form requires to be signed and dated by the owner(s) of the transferring portfolio (if joint, both individuals MUST sign), releasing the stock and then signed and dated by the owner(s) of the receiving portfolio (if joint, both individuals MUST sign), accepting the stock into their portfolio.

Where the client is looking to transfer stock between 2 accounts that are their own, e.g stock from their ISA being transferred to their sole MarketMaster the instruction can be taken by telephone on 0800 279 6551 / 0141 352 3909 or by written instruction and sent to the address noted below:

Portfolio Maintenance Department
Barclays Stockbrokers
Tay House
300 Bath Street
G2 4LH

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