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How can another person, company etc have access on my account?


If you want another person, company etc to have access to information on your account you should send us your instruction in writing. This instruction is what we call a Letter of Authority and should be signed by you and any other person required to sign in respect of the account, for example, if your account is held jointly. You should include in your letter information about the duration of the authority you wish to grant, your accounts details and the name and address of the person or body you wish to appoint.

User Access gives you the ability to nominate someone to have online access to your accounts. Your representative does not need to be a Barclays Stockbrokers client and you can give them the following access levels:

Read Only Access:
• Representative can view the account, but cannot place deals.
• They can receive information on the accounts by phone e.g. calling us for a valuation.
• Representative cannot request Cash Withdrawals.

Dealing Access:
• Representative can view the account, place deals and give corporate action instructions on your behalf.
• Representative can request Cash Withdrawals over the telephone only.
• A new representative will have a new applicant check ran on them.

If you would like to allow someone to access your accounts, please complete a User Access form and send it to:

Portfolio Maintenance Department
Barclays Stockbrokers
Tay House
300 Bath Street
G2 4LH

You should be certain that any delegation of authority to the User is given to someone or a body that is competent to carry out the investment or administrative responsibilities you delegate to it/them and that the User can fulfill the obligations you owe us on your account. The activities and/or omissions of the User will be your responsibility and you shall remain liable to this in the event of any breach or misuse of your account by the User.


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