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How do I invest in an Initial Public Offering (IPO)?


If you want to invest in a stock before it is floated this is called an IPO (Initial Public Offering), please be aware we offer this on a Best endeavors' basis only.

Before we can confirm that we can take part in the Placing we need to obtain the following information.

• Name of Stock
• Name of Lead Broker
• Contact Details
• Your Account details
• Amount to be invested
• You must have the cash available in your account

Please be aware that there are several reason why the book runner may decline our request.

1. If the IPO is only open to Institutional Investors
2. If it is not available to UK Retail clients
3. We need to have had previous account with them
4. The book has closed or there is insufficient time until the books close to complete your request
5. There may be a minimum investment requirement per application, e.g. minimum investment order of GBP100,000

If they agree we can take part, we ask to be put on the books for the IPO. If we are successfully allocated the shares we request that the offer documents are sent to our Corporate Actions Team for completion and you will be kept informed of the progress.


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