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Q. What is an open offer?

A. An open offer is a way for a company to increase its share capital and a way to increase its funding for various activities.

Q. What are the open offer terms?

A. For each existing ordinary share, shareholders have the opportunity to apply for GBP0.5006 nominal of CULS at a cost of GBP1.00 per GBP1 nominal of CULS.

Q. Are excess applications allowed?

A. Yes. Shareholders can apply for excess CULS up to a maximum number equal to their basic entitlement. However, if the company gets applications for more new CULS than it has available, then they may 'scale back' the excess application we submitted for you.

Q. What action do I need to take?

A. If you would like to participate in the open offer, you can provide instructions in any one of the following ways:

-Provide your instruction online by logging into your account
-Give your instructions by telephone by calling 0800 901 2911

-Give your instruction using the reply slip enclosed with your letter

Please quote corporate action letter reference 201200999

Q. How do I pay?

A. Please ensure there are enough funds available in your chosen account by 8 May 2012. Please be aware that if funds are not available, your portfolio will become overdrawn for a couple of days until, if applicable, your Direct Debit Instruction is cleared and debit interest may be charged.

Q. When will my account be debited?

A. The amount due will be taken from your account within 10 business days of 8 May 2012.

Q. When do Barclays Stockbrokers need my response by?

A. To take part in the Open Offer we need your response (including funds) by 8 May 2012.

Q. What happens if I do not reply?

A. If you do not tell us what you want to do by the reply date, or if the instructions provided on the reply slip are unclear, we can take no action on your behalf.

Q. Can the deadline be extended?

A. No. The Barclays reply date is based on the Company's market deadline in order to give us sufficient time to action your instruction.

Q. Can overseas holders take part?

A. If you are not a resident in the UK, you may be subject to laws of your own country that require you to seek permission before participating in this open offer. Overseas shareholders are advised to consult their own financial advisor with regard to the open offer.

Q. Who do I contact if I have any queries?

A. If you have any queries on the open offer please contact our Corporate Actions Enquiry Team on 0800 901 2911

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