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What is 'Available to Invest'?


Available to Invest is calculated as the sum of the Dealing Allowance on your account plus cleared cash, adjusted for any unsettled transactions (purchases / sales) and pending purchase orders / fees.

Please note: Dealing Allowance is only applicable to MarketMaster®, Advisory Clients, Investment Clubs and Company Dealing Accounts.

Dealing Allowance

The Dealing Allowance is the greater of your Calculated Dealing Limit or Permanent Dealing Limit.

The Calculated Dealing Limit is the value of settled stock in your account at close of business last night.

Please note the allocation of a Dealing Limit is at our discretion and can be removed at anytime.

For Accounts opened after 22 September 2014 ATI no longer includes the Dealing Allowance as part of the calculation.

For accounts opened after this date ATI is calculated using cleared cash and unsettled sale proceeds.

This is the cash value in your account minus any uncleared cheques. Cheques will be credited to your account 6 working days after we have processed your cheque, in accordance with the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company industry guidelines.

Unsettled sales
When you place a sale / raise instruction, the consideration value of the trade is added to your Available to Invest. This allows you to reinvest these funds immediately.

Unsettled purchases
When your place a buy / invest instruction, the consideration value of the trade is deducted from your Available to Invest.

Pending purchase order
When you place an order to buy stock, the consideration value is deducted from your Available to Invest.

Pending fees
If your account is set up to debit fees from cash held in the account the fees will be reflected in your Available to Invest calculation approximately 2 weeks prior to the fee date. Fees will then be deducted from the cleared cash balance on your account on the due date. If there are insufficient funds on your account to cover the fee on due date we will debit the shortfall from your bank account.

If your account is set up to debit fees directly from your nominated bank account, pending fees will not impact your Available to Invest.

What happens when you place a trade?
You can only trade using the cash available within your account or with incoming sale proceeds.

Prior to placing a trade you must ensure that sufficient funds are available in your account on settlement date. You can add funds to your account by making a debit card payment online or over the telephone.

When you sell
If you place a trade to sell stock, the consideration value will be credited to your cash balance on settlement date.

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