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How do I add cash to my ISA?


If you haven’t fully subscribed to your ISA in the current tax year you will be able to use your Debit Card online to ‘top-up’ your account.

To add cash by Debit Card online:

1.Log in to your ISA account

2.Click the 'Portfolio & Deal' tab

3.Select 'Cash Manager' from the drop down menu

4.Choose the relevant account you want to deposit the cash in to and click proceed.

5.Select 'Add funds'

From here follow the on screen instructions, input the amount you wish to add, click continue & add your card details and the amount and click on proceed.

(The minimum deposit for Debit Card payments is £5 and the maximum is £75,000.)

Once the payment has been authorised your account balance will be updated immediately to include the amount you paid in.

Please note that for Investment ISA accounts the minimum top-up subscription amount allowed is £5.  For Managed ISA accounts the minimum is £2,000.  For both, the maximum amount will be the value of your annual ISA allowance remaining to subscribe.  If your amount remaining to invest is less than £5, this value will be automatically pre-populated in the ‘amount to be debited’ field.

If you have not subscribed to your ISA in the current or last tax years then before making a subscription you will need to complete a Declaration in accordance with Inland Revenue regulations.  The Declaration will be made available to you online and you will need to accept the terms of the Declaration to make a subscription.

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