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What happens when I place a Funds Order?


As soon as you have placed a funds order your ‘Available to Invest' amount and ‘Holdings' will be adjusted and you will not be able to use either the cash or the units in future orders until your deal is carried out. Fund orders will be carried out at the next appropriate dealing point, which will be notified to you on-screen, and will settle 4 days after the deal date. At any time after you have placed a fund order you will be able to check its progress by accessing the ‘Order Status' area of the website. A contract note will be posted to you following the successful dealing of your funds order. A record of your deal will also be accessible in the ‘Deal History' area of the website.

Please note that when you place a funds order, should our system detect that you have already placed the same type of order (to buy or sell) for the same fund and it has not yet been dealt, then we will amalgamate your orders for dealing purposes.

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