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How do I buy or sell shares?


In order to buy or sell shares through Barclays Stockbrokers, firstly you would need to open an account. The type of account you choose will depend on various factors, including:

- Do you want to hold your shares electronically or in paper certificate?
- Are you a higher rate tax payer?
- How frequently are you planning to trade?

Please take a look at our Accounts section to view our Account types in more detail.

  1. Once your account has been opened you will be able to trade either online via our website or over the telephone - this will depend on the type of account you have opened and also the type of stock you wish to trade in.  Please note we cannot accept deal instructions by e-mail for security reasons.
  2. When you come to place your trade you will be charged a commission (how much will again depend on the type of account, whether the trade is online/telephone, and the asset type), you may be charged stamp duty (0.5%) if you are purchasing stock, and you may also pay a PTM levy (£1) if your trade is over a certain size.
  3. Once you have placed your trade we will send you a Contract Note - this is a receipt of the trade, and will contain all the details for your reference.
  4. Depending on the type of account you open, your trade may take 3 working days or 10 working days to settle.  This is the time that is taken for the Market and Barclays Stockbrokers to process your trade.  It is known as the Settlement Date.
  5. If you have purchased shares, you will need to have paid for them by the settlement date.
    If you have sold shares, you will receive the proceeds to your portfolio/bank account on the settlement date.

For nominee accounts (where the shares are electronic), you will be able to view your portfolio on our website.

From here you choose when you want to sell them at a point in the future.  If you have a nominee account (MarketMaster, ISA, SIPP) you are able to use our website facilities to research and monitor stocks to help you make as informed a decision as possible.

During market hours you can place a ‘Quote & Deal', ‘At Best' ,‘Limit', 'Stop' and our award-winning ‘Trailing Stop' order. Outside market hours you will be able to place an ‘At Best', ‘Limit', ‘Stop' or ‘Trailing Stop' order.

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