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What are iShares?


iShares is the world’s leading ETF brand from BlackRock, with 48% market share. (Source: ETF Landscape Industry review from BlackRock. August 2009).  There are currently 400 iShares available worldwide, of which approximately 85 are listed on the London Stock Exchange and available to trade and hold through a MarketMaster®, Investment ISA or SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) .

iShares covers a diverse range of underlying benchmarks.  They cover a full range of risk profiles and markets, ranging from fixed income based iShares tracking defined Gilt or Bond indexes through mainstream equity markets to also offer Emerging Market exposures.  You can get full transparency on the objectives of each individual fund through the iShares factsheets

Whilst iShares fundamentally track an index, and their assets are regularly rebalanced to reflect the movements in the underlying, there can be variations in the relevant weightings to optimise the portfolio.

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