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What types of ETCs are available?


Single-commodity ETCs: These can be 100% backed with allocated metal, such as ETFS Physical Gold, or tracking an individual commodity futures based index such as ETFS Wheat and ETFS natural gas, or commodity futures, such as ETFS Brent 1yr.

Index tracking ETCs: These reflect the performance of your chosen broad commodity index. Available indices include agriculture (DJ-UBS Agriculture Sub-IndexSM); energy (ETFS Energy DJ-UBSCISM); industrial metals (ETFS Industrial Metals DJ-UBSCISM); softs (ETFS Softs DJ-UBSCISM) and more.

Those that are physically-backed i.e. where the products are 100% backed by allocated bullion held with HSBC (the actual physical metal itself is held in safe custody) and therefore carry no credit risk to those which are 100% backed by collateral i.e. where collateral (an asset that has been pledged as a security for the product) is held with the Bank of New York Mellon in a separate account and is adjusted daily and those which are backed by Shell, where investors are taking on Shell credit risk when they invest in a product.

A fact sheet for the ETC you are interested in will be available from the issuer.

If this is the first time you have purchased an ETF you will be asked to complete an Appropriateness Assessment questionnaire before we are able to take your investment instruction.

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