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What are the benefits of investing into Funds?


Benefits of investing in Funds include:

Experienced and professional managers overseeing each fund portfolio to achieve the fund's objectives.
Diversification, to spread and therefore, lower the risk of investing compared to individual shares.
Liquidity, allowing investors to redeem their investment at short notice at the current market price.
Economies of scale, producing lower trading costs from fund managers trading in large quantities.
Convenience, funds are easier to deal and administer and provide consolidated statement reporting.
Choice, there are a broad range of funds available so, whatever your investment objective, you should be able to find one to meet your particular needs.

As with any investment, Funds involve risk and some investors may not find them a suitable investment.  By investing in a Fund you will not have control over what the Fund Manager decides to invest in.  If you feel you are better off making your own investment decisions, a Fund may not be the right investment for you.  Please be aware that a Fund has an annual management charge.

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