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Which ETFs can I trade?


You can hold the majority of ETFs available in a Barclays Stockbrokers account. However, only the Sterling (GBP) units can be purchased online. If you want to hold units denominated in foreign currencies you will need to open a Foreign Dealing account and different commission rates will apply. The most cost effective manner to purchase an ETF is online where the maximum commission will be £12.95.

iShares do not issue share certificates and therefore cannot be purchased or sold through a certificated trading account.

For a list of ETFs from each of the issuers go to the "Market News and Data" tab and enter the issuer’s name. For example enter “iShares” in the search box for a complete list of iShares ETFs, enter ‘x-trackers’ for Deutsche Bank or for Lyxor ETFs, enter ‘Lyxor’.

You can also find a list of all available iShares within our website.

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