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How can I add shares held in a spouses name to my account?


In order to process your request to lodge stock into your account we require : 

 A Stock Lodgement Form  - detailing all certificates you wish to lodge into your Barclays account.

A Crest Transfer Form** for each stock you wish to lodge please note - if multiple certificates are held under different account numbers with the registrar - we will need a Crest Transfer Form per account number.

Original Share Certificates.

If you wish to deposit shares in your name into an account in a beneficial owners name we will also require a Third Party Transfer form

** If you prefer, we can fill out the CREST transfer form(s) for you – just complete the stock lodgement form and return it to us with your share certificate(s) and we’ll do the rest, However, we will need to return the CREST transfer form(s) for you to sign and send back to us. This will increase the time taken to lodge into our nominee name.

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