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How do I lodge US & Canadian stock to my Foreign Dealing Account?


In order to add US or Canadian certificates/DRS statements to a FDA the following 4 conditions must be satisfied:

1. Certificate must not be Restricted (DRS statements do not have restrictions on them)
2. Total number of shares must have a value of greater than £100
3. W8_BEN must be registered on account (only applies to US stock. Not required for Canadian Stock)
4. Stock held in name of a beneficial owner can be lodged. (Is allowed but Third Party Transfer Form must be provided)

You must provide us with Original Certificates and a signed US/Canadian Transfer form for each stock you wish to lodge.

You must sign the form beside the X. All other fields should be left blank as completing these can invalidate the form.

The estimated timescale for lodging these shares into a FDA are:

US & Canadian Certificated stock: - 6-8 weeks
US & Canadian DRS statements: - 2-3 weeks


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