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Can I transfer stock from my MarketMaster into my ISA?


You can do this, however please note that the stock will have to be sold from your MarketMaster and re-purchased into your ISA, as due to HMRC Regulations you cannot lodge stock directly into your account unless it is from a SAYE profit share scheme and within 90 days of the option being exercised.

We will pay the sale proceeds from your MarketMaster to your ISA account and this will count towards your annual ISA allowance limit. We won't charge any commission on the sale, however you will pay dealing commission and stamp duty as usual on the purchase. We'll carry out the sale and repurchase on the same day (please note we will purchase less shares than we sell due to cover commission and stamp duty).

You can call us on 0800 279 6551 or local number 0141 352 3909 to confirm your instruction via telephone, or simply log into your account and send a secure email with an enclosed instruction. If you have not subscribed in the previous tax year, you will need to complete an additional subscription form.

For more information on the commission structure, please view our website.


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