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Do I receive interest on cash held in my Barclays Stockbrokers ISA?


Cash held in a Barclays Stockbrokers Investment ISA will receive the following interest rate. Any interest due is paid on the last Friday of the calendar quarter. At present we only pay interest on balances in excess of £250,000.

Each rate of interest only applies to the relevant value band.

Cash Balance band                   Interest paid on this band only
£0 - £999                                   Nil
£1,000 - £12,499                      4% below Barclays Base Rate
£12,500 - £24,999                    3.5% below Barclays Base Rate
£25,000 - £149,999                  2.5% below Barclays Base Rate
£150,000 - £249,999                1% below Barclays Base Rate
£250,000 and over                    Barclays Base Rate

ISA rules have changed since 1 July 2014, meaning that interest earned on cash held within an Investment ISA is no longer liable for a 20% tax charge.

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