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Who can certify documents?


Certified copies are duplicates of documents which a person of professional standing has stated to be genuine copies of the original documents. People who can certify documents are:



· Employees of Barclays Group or Barclays Wealth, including Barclays Bank counter staff.

· Post Office certification service.

· A government department, member of staff or official.

· A director, manager or counter staff of a bank or an authorised credit or financial institution.

· A director, company secretary or manager of an Approved Fiduciary Services Provider.

· An Embassy, consulate or high commission officer in the country of issue.

· A qualified lawyer or attorney, registered with the relevant national professional body.

· A qualified accountant, registered with the relevant national professional body.

· A notary public, a member of the judiciary, a senior civil servant or a serving police officer.

· A registered doctor currently employed by the NHS

· A teacher in current employment at a state school


The person certifying the copy of the document must:


· Print their name, sign and date the copy document, and state in writing that is a true copy of the original, which they have seen

· Confirm their position (in line with acceptable certifiers above) and provide a contact telephone number or email address where they can be contacted.

· Where a document has a photograph, the certifier must confirm this is a true likeness of the applicant.




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