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What is Account Designate?


As part of the ongoing review of the products and services we provide, we have decided that from 16th January 2017 to no longer accept any new applications.

Account Designate allows shares to be bought in your name carrying the initials of a person under 18 years old. 

Usually when the person for whom the shares have been bought reaches 18 years of age, the person who purchased them contacts the relevant company registrars to have the stocks re-registered.

When you contact us to place a deal, you will have to inform the dealers that the trade is to be placed Account Designate and let them know who you are purchasing the shares for.

A MarketMaster can also opened as an Account Designate.

To arrange this, you must complete a MarketMaster paper application form as an individual adding the account title to the top of the form. The account title should include the designates initials e.g. Mr James Jones a/c des JJ jnr 

The rest of the application should be completed as if for yourself.

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